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Nixie Adams is a freelance commercial German/English marketing and PR translator and editor based in Brisbane, Australia. 🌴☕

A comparison

Photo by Svetlana Gumerova on Unsplash

When we refer to Eastern religions, we typically mean those religions that originated in East, South and Southeast Asia. …

Sex meets philosophy

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According to Canadian philosophy professor Patricia Marino, objectification is using a person as a mere means for sexual pleasure, and according to American philosopher Martha C. Nussbaum, objectification means regarding or treating a human being as an object in the context of a sexual relationship. …

Can we have more than one true friend?

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Friendship is a topic that has been discussed for many centuries, with major theories about it dating back to the likes of Aristotle. An interesting scholar addressing the question of friendship and its true nature was the French philosopher Michel de Montagne (1533–1592). …

An open letter from your autistic friend

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You’ve done it again! Deleted me. Blocked me. Friendship terminated. Without giving me as much as a clue why.

See ya! Or maybe not…

Let’s roll things back a bit. Yesterday I wanted to tag one of my acquaintances in a post about a new local café opening because it’s in her area and I…

…and their relationship to meditation

Photo by Eneko Uruñuela on Unsplash

Yoga is a set of ancient spiritual practices that originated in India, where it remains a strong tradition and is seen as a tool to achieve liberation to this day, in particular in Hinduism. Yoga is first mentioned in many direct and indirect references in the Upanishads between the fifth…

Nixie Adams 🖋️

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